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A piece of shit with one leg larger than the other.
Cheap Trick Leg is such a piece of shit.
by Mandrew January 19, 2004
One of the few odd creatures in our universe that has absolutely no explanation for its' current evolutionary state. Unfortunantly for Laughing Animals' well being it is full of gas which does explain the awful outbursts of burps and farts which are mysteriously framed around the ever popluar A'nold line, "I'll be back". Often confused for a bear, groundhog or monkey.
My favorite buddy is Laughing Animal.
by Mandrew January 19, 2004
The worlds funnest toy; the one toy every child dreams of having; an upgrade of Barrel of Monkeys.
Let's break out the best toy in the world, Box of Monkeys, and have a blast.
by Mandrew January 19, 2004
secret cakes that you hide
Where the F*** did I hide my mud cakes?
by Mandrew January 19, 2004
A gathering of humans(and animals, if one or more is available)where clothing is to be removed and all participating subjects must locate themselves on a bed, under the covers with enough distance between each as to not touch one another.
I love a Sunday morning kron.
by Mandrew January 19, 2004

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