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Verb, "to cheadle" or "to be cheadled." For a film actor or actress to be recast in a sequel for reasons other than necessity (like death or age). Particularly a sequel in keeping with the canon of the first film(s), thus excluding franchise reboots. The "cheadling" can apply to both the actor being replaced, as well as the audience for the dissonance caused while watching. Named for Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard as James Rhodes in Iron Man 2. Can also be used more colloquially to reference anyone being bizarrely replaced in any walk of life.
1. Edward Norton was cheadled out of The Avengers.
2. Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight? Why, we have experienced a harsh cheadling indeed!
by Tathanen February 26, 2012
Fake tits on an African-American transsexual/transvestite (also referred to as a Cheadle). Named after acclaimed actor Don Cheadle, for whom most black trannies resemble in a feeble attempt to look feminine.
You'd have thought the Adam's Apple would've tipped me off, but it wasn't until I reached under her shirt and her Cheadles popped out that I figured out "Candace" was most likely Barry, the black network tech from the 3rd floor.
by OtterGuy January 03, 2010
An African-American transvestite or transsexual. So named due to the fact that no matter how feminine black guys try to appear, they always end up looking like Don Cheadle in drag.
I took my girlfriend to the Christmas Party to show everyone at work how progressive I was, and the fuckers only stopped laughing to inform me I was in fact dating a Cheadle.
by OtterGuy January 01, 2010
Derivative of actor Don Cheadle; referencing something that is of a divine quality, just as Don Cheadle is a divine actor.
She was Cheadle in bed.

That sandwich was staright up Cheadle
by Jewcob Jewman November 10, 2007
To look at someone disappointingly while closing your eyes and a subtle head shake.
Glenda totally cheadled me after I stole the last cookie.
by TheRealXookie September 25, 2009
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