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coming from the root word chaz, meaning to bang, fuck, penetrate or pleasure a woman in every hole possible in under five minutes (ass, vagina, ears, nose holes, mouth, eyes and a foot fettish if you have one. WARNING: COMMONLY TRIED BUT RARLEY ACCOMPLISHED..... MAY RESULT IN EXTREME PLEASURE/DEATH
Dude i chazzled colin's mom so hard last night!
by jake rinow September 15, 2007
19 5
noun-an exceptionally beautiful member of the male race whose sexual appetite equals that of Chuck Norris
verb-the act of taking an object from a store without forfeiting money
(related term- "Chazzles-friendly": adj- the absence of a security tag form an item)
noun: "Damn, Chace Crawford is such a Chazzles!"
verb: "I'm a bit short on cash, but I really want that dress. Should I chazzle it?"
adj: "Wow! Everything is here is tagged...definitely NOT chazzles-friendly..."
by Ah Dude September 05, 2008
3 0
Someone finds you attractive and would you like to come in contact with you. This person will try to know you better.
Chazzler, Chazzle
by whizzz June 05, 2012
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the anorexic *skills* skater, whho Loves minesweeper! and of course the 3hour films at my house. ;)
heyy it's chazzle wazzle spazzle!!!!
by Lhiane May 12, 2008
3 8