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coming from the root word chaz, meaning to bang, fuck, penetrate or pleasure a woman in every hole possible in under five minutes (ass, vagina, ears, nose holes, mouth, eyes and a foot fettish if you have one. WARNING: COMMONLY TRIED BUT RARLEY ACCOMPLISHED..... MAY RESULT IN EXTREME PLEASURE/DEATH
Dude i chazzled colin's mom so hard last night!
by jake rinow September 15, 2007
noun-an exceptionally beautiful member of the male race whose sexual appetite equals that of Chuck Norris
verb-the act of taking an object from a store without forfeiting money
(related term- "Chazzles-friendly": adj- the absence of a security tag form an item)
noun: "Damn, Chace Crawford is such a Chazzles!"
verb: "I'm a bit short on cash, but I really want that dress. Should I chazzle it?"
adj: "Wow! Everything is here is tagged...definitely NOT chazzles-friendly..."
by Ah Dude September 05, 2008
Someone finds you attractive and would you like to come in contact with you. This person will try to know you better.
Chazzler, Chazzle
by whizzz June 05, 2012
the anorexic *skills* skater, whho Loves minesweeper! and of course the 3hour films at my house. ;)
heyy it's chazzle wazzle spazzle!!!!
by Lhiane May 12, 2008
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