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a boy
anyone below the age of 20
by roy September 11, 2003
46 108
(British Origin) A person who thinks they are really hard, and walk round wearing Donnay and skin tight jeans, and also tuck their socks into their shoes.
"I hate those Whaddon Chavies, all they do is go round in their fake crews saying, "Narrr, spark you clean!"
by Subhuman aka Jak July 09, 2003
137 76
A complete Dickhead
"Narr, I'm a complete dickhead mush, an Sport Soccer has a 50% sale on! Better Tax some stuff before everyone else does."
by Dickhead July 19, 2003
77 68
as above
suuuuure bruv, fair gona tax yer mums sovreigns. and smak yer oe much. fukin grunging skatein kunts!
by July 29, 2003
46 76