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Any person who, seeing a chav (usu. on the Internets), thinks it's the trendiest thing ever and wants to be just like that. Literally, a portmanteau of "chav" and "wannabe". Most common in areas outside UK, and in people with quite a bit of money. Most easily identified by inappropriate dress (esp. wearing *actual* Burberry), foreign accents (also fake British accents), and/or worldwide notoriety.

Note: can also apply to such things as dogs, children, video game characters, and rocks.
"Oi, you sass that chavvabe David Beckham?"
"Dude, you're not British."

"Mom, look at this chavvabe. What a douchebag!"

"I saw your sis snogging that chav Brett."
"Yeah, she's such a chavvabe."

"Why would you dress your dog in Burberry?"
"Oh, it's to keep him warm. It's just so chilly-willy!"
"You know your dog's a chavvabe..."
by tim-D-cat January 14, 2007
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