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a wangsta or a wannabe playa or a chav who unfortunately has a big ass so you cant take him seriously at all.

the word originated last year (2003) in Chatham, birthplace of the Chav, and is slowly spreading to other areas of the UK.

famous examples: Rahul Bhandari (aka MC Chavarse) and Victor from Big Brother 5 (the UK Big Brother, that is.)
"Damn that's one big chavarse"

"He brags and boasts 'bout gettin' laid all the time but you know it aint true -he's a chavarse, y'know? Of course it aint true"
by dj joe July 11, 2004
When you are a wangster and have a big booty.
"You are a chavarse!"
"Stop being a chavarse!"
by Won Ton December 02, 2003
Rahul Bhandari!!! someone who is a chav and has a BIG arse!..hence, chav-arse!
"Chavarse" (High pitched voice!)
by Shorty December 08, 2003