A chava doesn't just come from sunderland (another example of an arrogant geordie)Chavas actually started in newcastle.

Chavas are the scum you see all over in tracksuits, cheap jewelerry and erm...police cells.
Giz a snout like - Chava
by The mackem July 11, 2004
Top Definition
Mexican spanish for "girl or chick"
Chick = slang for girl, baby, women, etc.
Que haces, chava?
What are you doing, chick?
by stinkylods May 21, 2003
Chava is the born-nickname given to people in Mexico whose real name is Salvador. This nickname was set on stone when you were named Salvador.

Chava es el apodo dado en Mexico a las personas cuyo nombre es Salvador o Salvadore

-Diminutive: Chavita

The nickname does not mean "GIRL" as in the word "Chava for girl. This nickname is not offensive nor it means anything at all.
Hi, my name is Salvador.

-Ahh how are you Chava, nice to meet you

Hi I am Salvador but everyone calls me Chava

Hola me llamo Salvador pero todos me llaman Chava
by Chava308 December 21, 2010
Chava (Eve) is the name of the wife of Adam in the book of Bereshit (Genesis). Her name is spelled "chet, vav, heh" in Hebrew. The root of her name is related to "life" (chet, yud, heh)
"V'haadam yada et chava vatahar vateled et qain vatomer qaniti ish et HaShem." Ber 4:1

"The man knew his wife Eve; she conceived, gave birth to Cain and said 'I have acquired a man from the L-RD". Gen 4:1
by Matrix4Yeshua May 13, 2006
girlfriend, ol' lady
Mi chava!
by VAKI5 August 18, 2003
In India especially Bombay - the term chava is used for road side Romeo's - fake designer label wearing youth who stand by the street, lane and make sexual comments at girls - they are mostly goodlooking but not there yet, will be well groomed and exhibit attitude mostly copied from Hollywood or Bollywood Film stars
"Those idiot chava boys asked me to go on a date with them, their nerve!"
by nirvanaa May 31, 2009
when someone talks in heavy slang, wears tracksuits or designer clothes, smokes, wears loads of make up or has a heavy accent
"Did you see Christine today? she looked like a chava"
"she is one"
by aliceeeeeeeee October 24, 2014
The people who hang around on street corners, hurl abuse at passers by, smoke all the time and dress entirely in sportswear. Chavas is a term used almost expressly in the North East of England and is often used to refer to any ne'er do well who would steal your eyes if you weren't looking.
After I shouted a retort back at them, the chavas chased me up the street but they promptly collapsed in a fit of smokers' coughs.
by Chris May 03, 2003

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