an internet room that people from where ever can chat. sometimes i just go in to piss people off with my friends when we are high or drunk just because its fuckin hilarious. people take it really serious and thats the funny part.
bigmanlax: so... sweety.. how's ur ASL?
prettykittens03: it's hot and wet how's ur ASL? i think mine wants a play mate. u wanna see my pics?
bigmanlax: ohyes baby sweet cakes.
prettykittens03: :D :) :O :P
thats me all the way on the left
bigmanlax: omg im so hard.
prettykittens03: good now i can destroy u with my evil ray that takes over the universe
bigmanlax:... sweety.. heres my pic :B
prettykittens03: ur a faggot
bigmanlax: but im hard sweety babykins
prettykittens03: choke on it bitch ur ugly i have no use talking to people half way across the world jerkin off to my pics when u are so ugly
by deenie June 16, 2004
i stupid place with horny people
by SKATEGURL July 28, 2003
A virtual "room" in an internet environment , where people can log on under usernames to "chat": that is to talk to each other via a text interface (usually a scrolling text in a seperate text window). Most chatrooms can be accessed using a browser interface or Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.

Internet environments offering various chatrooms or the option of users opening their own temporary private chatrooms are often called "communities".

Modern chatrooms offer a variety of options and commands beyond simply typing in text, such as i.e. font color changes and simple graphic features, e.g. "smily faces" or "emote icons" to convey emotions in quick, pictographic form, or even "avatars" (virtual personas as graphic representations not of, but for users, that enable limited facial expressions)

A chatroom offers a place for people to hang out and meet who would have few chance to meet in real life because of living on different continents. In the virtual space of the internet, people refer to a chatroom like they would to a real geographic place.
I know my chatroom pals better than my neighbors.
Log in to the Star Trek chatroom tonight at 7 p.m., everyone will be there to discuss the new series.
by Khalas August 29, 2003
A Place usually for people that love to waste time, or have too much time on their hands. Usually inhabited by normal, and strange individuals engaging in pointless chatter. Usually Adolecents, and teenagers visit Chat Rooms.
If a person in their late 20's/early 30's visiting a chat room often, he/she has way too much time on their hands and can be considered a social reject or "Loser".

by ASmartMark October 21, 2006
A place where old pedophiles go to find kids (because they're so old they don't know about Facebook). They usually end up finding other pedophiles.
Dan the pedophile went to the park after meeting a girl on a chatroom, expecting to rape a little girl. But instead he found Jack, another pedophile. The 2 pedophiles then decided to join forces in their sick, child molesting ways.
by Allanator April 09, 2011
a place for horny teenagers to log into lesbian rooms, or act like they dont spend 18 hours a week playing Everquest and watching star trek.

the opiate for the y-generation, that dare not be alone for mroe than a moment as they beleive their soul will escape.
'I really am a chick.'

'wanna cyber?'

'captian kirk is sooooo much beta than spock!!!!'
by hippy_stick October 17, 2003
Chatroom- A place where full grown adults pretend to be other kids so that they can lure so called actual kids into traps they had set up. They enjoy getting their needs and wants without thinking about their victim.

Often times the "victim" has fallen in love with the person they think is another teenager, but really they fell in love with a full grown adult in their 30's or 40's (doesn't matter how old), who just wants to hurt them and doesn't care about them. Chatrooms are just stupid anyways.
RainbowHearts (a 13 year old girl): I love you so much Scott, can't wait to meet in person!
Scotty16 (is not actually 16, but rather a 34 year old man on a chatroom): I love you lots Rachael, I can't wait either, this is going to be so much fun! And best of all we will finally be together!
by AwesomXCore March 18, 2007

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