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1) The chatmosphere is the intangible area in which internet chats take place.
2) The virtual space in which you meet another person or persons for the purpose of chatting.
jc: Maybe later we can meet in the chatmosphere and get to know each other better!
hotness: Maybe later you can grow a pair and just speak to me face to face.

jc: It was awesome chatting with you in the chatmosphere man!
Aloysius: You don't have any friends, do you?
by muthangya April 01, 2009
25 6
The definitive spacial area surrounding one that is 'chat', has bad style or is generally a bad person.
Man paul rocked up and created the biggest chatmosphere, the whole vibe of the party was downhill from then.
by Linkyy March 17, 2009
3 9