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By definition a "chat kill" is when you stop the chat. Technicalities include:

1 - You have to be the one who posted last.
2 - It must be at least 10 minutes before you "claim the chat kill"
3 - No one can say anything during those 10 minutes for the chat kill to count.
(2007-12-01 05:03:20) James: Howdy everyone!
(2007-12-01 05:03:32) Sarah: Hi James.
(2007-12-01 05:04:12) James just heard about the plane crash in Turkey. How tragic.
(2007-12-01 05:15:25) James claims chat kill.
(2007-12-01 05:16:43) Jim: Why did you kill it?! :angry:
by JimJamesII June 30, 2008
This phenomenon often takes place in IRC. Some people are very adept at causing it. It happens when people are chatting away happily and someone (often innocently) interjects which shuts everyone else up and kills the chat.
<bob> so then we got dressed, took back the donkey and we never spoke of it again
<rod> haha sounds like fun
<dave> yeah wish i were there
<bob> no regrets
<pete> hi all
(large amount of time passes)
<pete> f*ck
<bob> nice chatkill you gronk
by jfjgjg June 26, 2008
(usually in an FPS game) When someone kills you while you were writing something in the chat. Very annoying.
You: "chatkill goddamit"
Me: "So fucking what?!"
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