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the expression of orgasmic delight by means of instant messaging.
1: oh...yes....yes YEEEESSSSS OH GOD YESSS
2: did you just chatgasm?
1: yep. you're just that good.
#chatgasm #orgasm #sex #facebook #texting #yay
by shmhrshmhrshmhr November 27, 2010
A chat orgasm, indicated by scrolling, fast paced lines of successive chat, by the same person. (Can also be multiple chatgasms)
SouthSide______: Robert KKK Byrd voted against Thurgood Marshall and
SouthSide______: Clarence Thomas. Now one is a conservative while the
SouthSide______: other was a Liberal. Know what they both had in
SouthSide______: common? Two things, they were both black and Byrd
SouthSide______: didn't vote for either of them.

Is he making a political point? Nah, he just had a chatgasm.
#fanatic #chat #scroller #script kiddie #macros
by JayTheOrcc January 18, 2009
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