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someone who you really dont like, a term you use to put down another person. Also a term people use after they drive by water gun and water balloon innocent walkers on the street.
When you yell it, say bitch in a higher voice, then as you begin to say ess lower your voice eventually raising it back to the bitch part: CHATE BITCHeeeessssSSSS.
(slow down at side of road) Brendan:hey guys do you know where chiniqua lives?
Gangster: nah man, sorry
(water gun put up to window and sprayed at gangster)
by Al Denso May 27, 2005
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A female who does not want to perform sexual acts with you.
A female or man with bitch like qualities who is also a chate ass.
She did'nt want to suck my dick, what a chate bitch.
Chate bitch did'nt want to fuck.
by the buzz April 18, 2006

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