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One is said to have become 'chatatonic' after over-exposure to chat and especially chat rooms. In a chatatonic stupor, the mind becomes numb and body parts stiff and sore. Disjointed, surreal posts are noted from chatatonic chatters and unpleasant personality changes are typical.
Chatters were saying that chat_gnat was chatatonic for much of last week. He was in the room for like 4 days straight... slurping espresso on mic and ranting about Democrats, lesbians and the French.
by Mo Dixley October 07, 2005
adjective - a state of being oblivious to anything else while chatting online via desktop or mobile devices; a state or condition of seeming to be suspended in animation or in a trance-like, stupored state; in a daze as if in state of mental numbness while chatting electronically.
John : So how did your blind date go last night?
Bart : It started out okay during dinner but when she got a text message from her girlfriends by dessert, she went chatatonic on me.
by dubsquid July 10, 2009
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