The Most Amazing Girl You Will Ever Meet. She Will Make You Happy When You're Sad. Brown Hair And Brown Eyes. She Means The World To Her Girlfriend. No Matter What Chasity Will Always Have Your Back. She Is Beautiful, Smart And Funny. She's Never Turned Her Back On Her Girlfriend. No Matter What She Will Always Be The Best.
Person 1:You See That Girl Chasity
Person 2: Yea
Person 1: Imma Marry Her One Day
Top Definition
One who's smile brightens the room and lets her walk through walls. Beautiful girl who drawls drama to her like white on rice
We are locked in the room! Bring out Chasity.

cream cheese --> old bay --> Chasity --> llamas
- that is how the order of greatness pans out
by C. Schoo May 03, 2005
prettiest girl youd ever meet;]
and shell put a smile on your face like nothing<3
i met a chasity at mcgarvin today;]
by kelly tmofringh November 25, 2009
pure,or innocense
that water is chasity.
by chasity December 24, 2003
A Chasity: Innocent and pure, the most beautiful and well rounded, amazing girl ever. She's a free spirit with adventure in her heart but never forgets who she is and who she loves. If you have a Savannah in your life dont let her slip by, because she will. Don't take it personally if it seems like she isn't showing you love because she is deep inside of her. Savannah is precious and has ABSOLUTELY no idea how amazing she is. Comfort her when she needs it and she will comfort you back. She may play hard to get but once she tells you she loves you be damn straight that she does. Every little thing she does make her the captivating and elegant soul she is, for although she has had a rough past she is able to transcend her troubles and view the present with maturity and hindsight. It's easy to get lost in her eyes but its even easier to lose yourself when they close. She's a gorgeous Angel
The virtue, the oracle is Chasity.
by Sir Jonah December 18, 2011
a hot girl with the worst luck
That chasity is always breaking things.
by anonymous February 20, 2003
The name the parents give their daughter if they know she'll grow up to be a heartless bitch, that will screw with your head and fuck with your heart.
You know that girl Chasity I was dating dude, she stayed around long enough to get me to fuck her, then hit the road.
by m-man22 June 29, 2011
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