Charya She Is Beautiful And Caring, Funny, Wise, A Good Friend, Honest, Loyal. Never Turns Her Back On You. You Cab Trust A Charya Because She Keeps Secrets, She Is Very intelligent and tells jokes and furthers herself and is supportive of anybody, Dont Get The Charya's Wrong They Have Attitudes, But They Are Good People, They Can Get Mad Sometimes But They Are Worth It, They Are Different, Every guy wants to be with her and call her his. She is Charya some girls hate her, because they want to be her. Charyas are very very very sexy people.. charya's make amazing friends. you can count on them for everything. Charyas specialize in making people happy, because they do that best. overall, i love charyas :) alot, and you should too. Loved by many. Also hated by many. she gets plenty of attention from the boys.

She prefers to stay with someone for a long time. she doesnt fall in love easily but when she does it lasts and she really loves them. Alot of the girls are jealous of the boys she gets or loves, because they all really like the boy. But the boy is head over heels with her and only wants her.
Did you see charya?

Charya is so gorgeous
by livelaughlovelife23 February 08, 2014
first girl: why at all would he do that to me?
second girl: why at all do you care, he's charya!
by alikkk October 20, 2010

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