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A last name commonly associated with Royalty, or families that possess a large sum of wealth. When combined the first name Michael, it attracts the female counterpart. The girls are automatically down to D.T.D.D (see D.T.D.D for definition). Anyone who proudly carries this full name, are the best counter-strike players in the world hands down, such as the player EFFIGY.
Man, that guy looks rich, he must be a Chartrand.
by John Albergas January 14, 2008
Noun. Someone pretending to be the opposite gender in order to attract homosexual attention.

Verb. Used in the "to chartrand" sense.
"I'm a woman who's been pretending to be a man for the last four years. I'm a Chartrand."

"Hey, remember that girl Karl was dating online? Turns out she's got testicles. Chrissy's a man!"
"Wow. She totally chartranded him."
by Tell_It_To_YoMama December 17, 2009

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