In Puerto Rican dialect, charro(or charra if female) is both a noun and an adjective used to describe someone or something that is pathetic or someone who is a jackass(i.e.someone who makes an ass out of him/herself)

A person who has no sense of dignity is considered a charro and something that's tacky or garish can be considered charro as well. It's not a very offensive word but it can be insulting sometimes.

Another derived form of this word is called charreria(jackassery)
"No seas tan charro mijo"
Translation:Don't be such a jackass dude

"Acho, Quitate ese sombrero cabron!Se ve bien charro"
Translation:Jesus, Take off that hat dumbass! It looks so pathetic.
by El Lobito Triste September 29, 2005
Top Definition
1.A Charro is a traditional cowboy of central and northern Mexico (The word itself is not used as an insult in traditional Mexican dialect)
2.The traditional charro is known for colorful clothing and participating in charreadas, a type of rodeo
1. The charro is traditionally found dancing along side the "china" in a traditional Mexican Folk Dance.
2. The Charro in the rodeo won the championship from Jalisco,Mexico for being the quickest rider and roper.
by Yourflowergirl8 September 11, 2006
In Colombian spanish (specifically Antioquia) it means a funny thing or person.
(After telling a very good joke). "Hey, vos si sos muy charro"
by Verrueckt August 13, 2013
The term for a three-day old stale Churro taste
That bag of cinnamon sugar pita chips tasted like charros.
by Thatclutzsarahh December 04, 2011
Unbeatable checkers guru who will stomp you into the dirt.
Charro just owned me
by ABC Ninja August 01, 2004
a term used for mexicans sorta like callin em a spic or something
Puerto rican:were u goin?
Girl: wit my man
Puerto rican: olvidalo es un charro
translation-forget him hes a charro
by angie March 16, 2005
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