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a chocolate leprachaun then laughs when he runs because the grass tickles his balls
the charlie mitchell is laughing bc the grass is so high
by jimmy stiner May 18, 2009
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Char.lee Mich.ull
the most amazing person you will ever meet, an angelic creature whose mere presence will bring you joy, a beautiful woman whose beauty is only surpassed by her intelligence and generosity

to brighten a room simply by entering/ laughing/ smiling in it, to create a sense of security and fulfillment within another person simply by being near them
She completely brightened my day, she is amazing, beautiful and a has a smile like nothing you have ever seen before. She is a real Charlie Mitchell.

She entered the room and all I could do was smile. From the first second I met her, all I wanted to do was be a better person for her. She Charlie Mitchelled me...
by AMP Vindicator November 27, 2011
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