A scientist who some atheist nuts like to worship thinking that the evolution theory somehow debunks God when it doesn't.
Charles Darwin was an agnostic (but former Christian) who proposed the evolution theory although he wasn't the first to note the similarities of animals. The ancient Greeks also once hypothesized a evolutionary theory.
by Skialian January 03, 2014
A man as important as a crock of beans. He is full of beans. He is crazy and speaks fluent nonsense. Wife beater.
Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution is a crock of beans and amounts to nothing.
by cahlersmeyer April 28, 2008
what I leave in the toilet a man that not only is a lier but had the worst facial hair in history
Charles Darwin is a motherfucker and is getting everything he deserves in hell
by JJ Caez August 27, 2006
see racist

Darwin created the theory of evolution. This theory was widely accepted until recent scientific developments have enabled scores of scientists and nobel peace prizes winners to dissaprove it.

It was a racist theory, as Darwin stated in his second book that 'Negroes' where lesser developed than white western man, and would therefore be eventually wiped out.

His writings of this 'survival of the fittest' mentality paved the way for people to abandom things such as morals and human compasion, and instead pursue shitting on the heads of other to get ahead.
Darwin's work in inherently racist
by grimey February 10, 2005
The man was a fool and his theory very seriously flawed. If man descended from apes, then why are there still apes?! And they look the same as they have for thousands of years and so do humans! His theory is part of a larger conspiracy of scientists to make science and technology the new religon. He will eventually go down in history as one of the most infamous heretics!
Common sense proves how flawed is this theory of Charles Darwin , heresy, science as a religon, creationism, conspiracy of athiests
by Patrick Roberts March 23, 2006
This man was a inbred hick. He was a racist. He married his fucking cousin and had 2 children withe her.
I Fucked my cousin and my name is darwin.
by TacoJohn April 24, 2005

I hope he's burning in hell with the rest of his ilk.
Chuck Darwin was a fuckin dickhole.
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