Top Definition
1. a fictitious brand of ketchup.
2. exotic dance only known to the elite circle of world leaders lethal to all if performed corecctly.
3. a person extremely kind and generous exept to cumdumpsters
4. a person who thinks they have the IQ of a house plant but they dont.
5. a situation that is IN-TENTS.
6. a severe form of foot fungus.
the charlea spilled every where!

All meetings at the U.N. begin with the traditional charlea dance but it cannotbe telivised for the safty of (if any) viewers.

O-M-G she fed homless people and kicked the hell out the jerk cheerleading squad all in one day she is such a charlea!

that charlea got a B on her math test she clearly is smarter than she thinks.

i remember the most charlea time i ever had we were playing a crazy game of ping pong in my camping tent!

oh dude i think you have a serious case of might want to go to a docter about that.
by charton January 27, 2008
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