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Chareece is a beautiful, gorgeous, outgoing, wonderful person. She has a very delicate past but always manages to shine like a beacon of light.

She has one of the best personalities to ever exist! She is a very sexual person and she will give you the best night of yout life if you get a little liquor inside of her. (Seriously it's like opening Pandora's sex box)

The best girlfriend a person could ever ask for, besides her prideful yet stubborn remarks when she believes she is right; she is also slightly ditsy but makes up for it with the innocence of a child... A very caring person and very passionate about what she believes - The best woman is a strong one and Chareece exemplifies the best traits of a powerful female.
"Chareece is so awesome, I wish I could be her!"
"She's so sexy, she must be a Chareece..."
by Best Boyfriend Ever March 05, 2015
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