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a sexy beast who has nice calves that will make you sweat. he will make you wet all over and you'll have to change your underwear 49 times a day, especially if you're a guy. charedo will make you be gay for him. charedo is a kind of guy where you wanna write gay fanfiction about him. charedo describes somebody who is hella ratchet and somebody who has hella ratchet weave too. he also looks gay. but he might not be. but nobody really knows the charedo's sexuality. the most important part of a charedo is the booty and the calves.
niqqa 1: dayummm chigga, he must be tasty like an asian boy with busty porn.
niqqa 2: my tiqqa, my tiqqa, charedo.
by charedoluvr1111111111 November 08, 2013