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To be in such a state of drunkenness, that the person who is "chapated" is uncontrollable, vomits a lot, staggers to and fro, can not think properly, drinks even though he is too drunk to know that he is drunk, and does more stupid things in five minutes than Will Ferrel does in a Will Ferrel movie. This person has an 80% chance of passing out, and has a 50% chance of having alcohol poisoning.

It may also be called: "A state of chapation"

See also: drunk
Ruben: Dude, you were so chapated last night!
Tony: What the fuck does that mean?
Blake: Ha ha! You were chapated, you bloody bastard! Ha ha!
Tony: I still don't know what the FUCK IT MEANS!
Brent: Well, you should.
Brady: Dude, you were so fucking chapated you passed out on the floor!
by MoFo Tony December 13, 2007
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