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A gifted spirit soul, who has all the answers she needs inside herself and all around her in the one she loves and that love her. Creative, determined, and stuborn that can either lead her into trouble and mischief or success and dream fulfilment. She has many choices and wise decisions to make for dreams to come true. She will find great love and happiness in her life as long as she believes and remembers that she deserves repect, love and joy in a relationship. She will go far and reach her goal as long as she remembers that she is in charge and responsible for her life. She will have to belive that asking for help is a strength and mistakes happen for us to learn from. Great things in this world are made by mistake and become blessings.
she has such a channoa out look on life.
she is gifted like a channoa
by grizzmama December 15, 2009
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