A nice and sweet girl; Polite and well-mannered; Fun and loving.
Awww she is such a channie!
by channie February 10, 2003
Top Definition
A way of escaping from reality and going into a world of love, lust, and prosperity.
Quit daydreaming about channie.
by Miss Ngo February 10, 2003
A sweetheart.
Oh how i love my channie!
by xplicit-kid February 10, 2003
A cute girl.
She looks like CHANNIE
by cha-ching! May 08, 2003
sexy girl who kailie, cassidy, adam, jake, sam, josh and a bunch of people think is a slut. makes your heart beat twice in a row.
god! why is she such a channie?!
by Allegra1030 January 02, 2009
a nice girl who loves nothing but bells....
by LoLLiVeR =) February 21, 2003
The #3 Tang Fan in the world.
Wow I'm so jealous! Channie's Tang Fan #3 and I'm only Tang Fan #1294253?
by Denny Tang February 10, 2003
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