Top Definition
chinese wanksta or chinese wannbe gangsta
Yo dat bitch in China Town is a chanksta
by Ripper June 21, 2003
A chanksta is a cross between a chav and a gangster. Meaning chav-gangsta. Usually people who are gangsta wannabes who are actually chavs.
Gangster 1- Look a him over there, with his white reebok classics and his burberry cap, and hes got a giant gold belcher chain, he's trying to be just like us gangsters.
Gangster 2- Omg he's such a chanksta, he's a wannabe, he wants to be like us!
by Wenzdaii&+Brodiie July 10, 2008
That mother Eric Kwong
Yo Eric Kwong is a Chankstaq
by Andrew January 28, 2004

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