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A small-ish town in the metro area of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Referred to by locals as "Chan." It is much cooler than Chaska.
Bob: Hey guys, let's go hang out at Perkins.
John: Which one?
Bob: Chanhassen, of course.
by Taya K. December 23, 2007
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a modern suburb with a quite peaceful sounding name. (as compared to Savage which has a very similar population) Oh and SHOCKapee sounds violent as well {Chaska is a savage and shocking native american, definatly not peaceful}.

Victoria, maybe a bit too peaceful, i mean they're houses are fucking huge yet their town hall is about as big as our lifetime fitness parking lot....

Eden prairie...umm definatly not close to a peaceful name. theres fucking snakes on the apple trees...
Hey wanna hang out? We can go to chanhassen, and do nothing but walk aimlessly in target, buy some cough syrup at cub, and play starcraft in the library or just go clubbing at maplewood lol.
by linfg111 July 20, 2008
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A city in Minnesota that was once known for car shows and Prince. In todays moden world this city is reverting back to a small town or village as no one ever goes there or knows how to get threre anymore. Chanhassen is also known to have a stench resembling the smell of old people.
Person 1: Hey bro, do you want to drive to Chanhassen?

Person 2: Heck no man! What would we even do there?

See related terms wasteland, old people, wet farts, village.
by Herqulez May 27, 2017
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