C.H.A.N.G.E=come help a nigger get elected
Obama:change is wat we need
by 22slovak January 17, 2009
change.. it happens every second of everyday...it happends when you grow..when you change sceneory...everyone changes...it all depends on if its good or bad
when the love of your life your best friend since grade 6. . .and everything goes fine... its a little rocky at one time.. but then you rejoin and are close as ever...then you finally learn that you love this friend so much more then you thought...for a long time you are the couple... holding hands kissing you have grown up together... and you even get over a breakup... and then a new surrounding comes into place... new people and at first its all right..but then just when you think that you friend is going to push you aside.. you end up doing the pushing
by nic-Nack October 27, 2004
an acronym for come help a nigger get elected
Obamas campaign is all about C.H.A.N.G.E.
by whitey 420 September 21, 2008
C ome
H elp
N i*ger
G et
E lected
We need CHANGE vote for Obama. God Bless America
by T Denny December 12, 2008
the only constant.
dont fear change, depend on it.
by COLDtrain July 29, 2008
quarter,dime,g,etc. of marijuana
anything below an ounce

an ounce being a dollar and anything below that being change
dealee:sup main i need a lil green
dealer:yea sure dude i got some change for ya
by i'm really gay August 20, 2006
Obama's 2008 campaign key word.
Broken down, it means C-citizens H-helping A-a N-negro G-get E-elected
Kinda like BYOB, but CHANGE....Are you gonna CHANGE when you vote?
by bullgoddogss October 24, 2008

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