Chinese restaurant that is largely over priced. Though the food is good the portions are on the small side.
I'm so hittin up Changs to get some General Tso's and Kung Pao chicken.
by Rob Jones Nigga August 14, 2008
A term used for Cocaine.
"who got the chang?"
by L Fresh June 27, 2005
Chinese Vagina/Pussy, whether it be sweet, or sour.

Commonly mistaken with Japanese Pussy, which is completely different.
"I was in hong kong the other week, and this hooker had the best Chang I've ever had!!!"
by Damn to the STRAIGHT. April 16, 2010
Another word for cocaine
"Gettin' any chang tonight?"
by X x June 12, 2005
a wang that has chlamydia
i was going to give himm head, but then i saw his chang, and was like...oh hell nawww
by Benthany April 15, 2008
1. low quality substance. more commonly used to refer to drugs, especially marijuana. can also refer to cheaply made plastic toys at the dollar store.

2. slang for chinese food
1. Yo mike, that's some next chang.

Yeah I know, I spent 5 bucks and got a half quarter.

2. Let's get some chang from Sam Woo
by fishyywishy January 25, 2010
The mix between chill and hang
Imma chang with my homies,
by Guitarboi May 25, 2008

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