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An Amazingly awesome person
red- head
hyper chick that is really cool and makes good grades in school
dude she's such a Chanda
by .j.a.x. April 13, 2008
1. A word used to describe an incredibly gorgeous woman;
2. Reference to an actually incredibly gorgeous woman.
1. "Wow! Look at that Chanda!"
2. "She's almost as stunning as Chanda!"
by Mah'piya Ate December 10, 2007
A Chanda is someone who will liven any party up. A Chanda is a hyper, loud and bubbly girl.
It is common for a Chanda to consume a lot of alcohol when she goes out and she takes over the dance floor with her twerk style of dancing.
Don't aggravate a Chanda because she can be like a tiger when she's angry.
A Chanda, like a lion, stays in a pact, mess with a Chanda and you mess with her lions.
For example, don't take a Chanda to a party empty handed, she will most likely consume all of your alcohol
by Friend1995 October 08, 2013
Female; Usually a Nurse, Chanda has a tall and stately personage. Always offering a joke or a smile, Chanda likes to play around but can be as serious as the grave if needed. With long blond hair like a wheat field and blue eyes that twinkle like fireflies, Chanda can dance like the best of them. Eating habits liken to a seagull or a raccoon- mostly poptarts and chips. Functions best when dating three or more attractive males.
"My name is Chanda BSN."
"That girl dates like a Chanda!"
by thegirlwhoknows April 28, 2013