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is a flip flop used by a mexican female to beat their child or husband for doing something that angers her.
Friend, "Hey, why are you limping?"
Husband, "She cought me with the nanny and beat me with the chanclca."


Run!! Mom's drunk and she's got the chancla!!
by ilovepeople January 02, 2008
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House slippers or sandals.
What happened to your face? My mom got pissed at me and slapped my with her chancla! Oh, that's messed up.
by Lil Rob November 20, 2003
The deadliest weapon known to a Latin kid; a flying slipper/ flip-flop.
My mom hit me with a chancla.
by TardisBae October 31, 2014
What Mexicans use to throw at their kids. If your parents have never thrown a Chancla at you. Then you never had a childhood.
Friend "Dude why is your eye black? Did you get beat up. "
Me" no my mom nailed me with a chancla yesterday after i told her i got a girl l pregnant,"
Friend "Damm"
by Tight_pussy January 10, 2014
Plural: chanclas
a type of footwear worn typically by latin people that resembles flip-flops, and can be easily removed to be thrown at someone whether in jest or sriously. These shoes are usually thrown under the circumstances of a friend acting L-A-M-E or getting on your nerves.
(to a friend who told a bad joke)Hush you, before i throw my chancla at you.
(from older sibling to younger)Hey, fetch me my chanclas so i can hit you with them, you unruly twerp, who i love.
by David Jimenez III March 22, 2005
Mexican slang meaning flip flops.

A word used to describe an ugly girl.
Noun- Yeah my son was being a bitch so I hit him with my chancla.

Adjective- Carlos Mencia: I'm tired of ugly girls wearing shirts that say cutie!! You can't be cute when your face is all chancla.
by Sexican69 June 26, 2006
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