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Pronounced "cham-pen-dion." An official participant of a drinking bender (which lasts seven or more consecutive days) that consumes alcohol on every day and participates in all activities sober or drunk. A champbendion, despite the possibility of deteriorating health, permajitters, bendeebreakdown and benderrage will committ him/herself to the last day of a bender celebration.

A platinum champbendion is one who does the aforementioned bender while maintaining a full-time work schedule. Note: **Hazardous to health**
After seven days of non-stop imbibing, documenting, editing, singing, game-playing, movie-watching, food-coma inducing hilarity, Kohbra, La Sombra and Bangkok Joe were crowned champbendions. As president, La Sombra saluted Kohbra as a platinum champbendion for having worked throughout the bender.
by denalipark September 01, 2009
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