An indigenous Pacific Ocean group and culture from the Mariana Islands. The Mariana Islands are politically divided between Guam and The Northern Mariana Islands. The Chamorus have been depicted as being Filipinos but this has proven to be untrue culturally and genetically. The Chamorus are a distinct cultural and linguistic group seperate from other Pacific Island groups, e.g. Hawai'ians, and Asian groups, e.g. Filipinos. The next closest language related to Chamoru is a "distant cousin" language from the Toraja Cluster of Celebes, Indonesia.

Chamoru is also spelled Chamorro.
A: Are you Guamanian or Chamoru?
B: I'm both.
A: How's that?
B: Guamanians are Chamorus from the island of Guam and not from the Northern Mariana Islands. If I were from the Northern Mariana Islands then I would be a Chamoru, but not a Guamanian.
by urban munky November 11, 2007
Top Definition
A (native) person and/or language of Guam and Northern Mariana Islands including Saipan and Rota.

See also alternate spelling - Chamorro.
Ay, braut, sa' you Chamoru right?
Yeah dute, I speak Chamoru too.
HAAAA!? Think your bad?
by Randy July 11, 2004
Chamoru(Chamorro) are the Natives of the Marianas Islands.

Chamoru(Chamorro) is also the Native Language of the Chamoru People.
1)What is your ethnicity?

2)What Language you originally speak?

by Islander4life April 07, 2008
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