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A hybrid of a Cougar and Chameleon. An older woman on the prowl for a younger man. This woman will be deceptively dressed in the garb of a 21 year old girl, that she likely stole from her step-daughter.

The chamelougar only comes out after midnight or 8 beers, whichever comes first, has an advanced sense of smell and is attracted to the combination of alcohol and Axe Body Spray. She will attempt to hide in the shadows or blend into the environment, by shouting "That's so hot" after taking a body shot.
Dude, this girl took me home, she had pigtails and a tight A&F shirt. But I woke up with, what I am assuming, was her mom.

Dude, you were taken home by the not-so-elusive chamelougar. She's a tricky bitch. At least you don't have to worry about getting her pregnant.
by justanotherone1 September 16, 2011
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