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Prabin Karki
all the way from the top to the bottom
" Hey whose that weirdo ? "

" Why its chamcham !!!! "
by yoohoocham May 16, 2009
the action of verbally abusing someone and making him feel like crap. to shatter one's spirit and soul and devastate him emotionally in such a manner that he will stop speaking his native language and move to other languages such as spanish.
this girl chamchamed this guy so bad that he committed suicide.
I liked this guy before but he is such a chamcham to women.
by freemind241 December 04, 2009
1. A celebration of flavors served in a flute, wine glass or that old mason jar that happens to be the last glass clean. The perfect ending and the perfect beginning to any day.

2. A hangover free reason why girls are dancing on ping pong tables to a playlist that goes from Matisyahu to Jason Aldean then to 2pac.

3. Pink perfection that can be as classy or as cheap as you so desire.
"What have those two ladies been drinking that has made them so happy and fun to be around?"
"I do believe it is a Cham Cham"
by lea-tard August 22, 2011
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