(V) To "Chambers", or to "do a Chambers" involves getting yourself so wasted, you evetually fall asleep, either whilst out on the town or after, and then wake up, and throw up all down yourself.

The origins of this definition are shown in the first example.
Chambers : I'm not going to fall over or be sick today. Why does my arm hurt?
Chambers : *Groan* *bleurgh*

"Oh god, you're not gonna do a Chambers are you?"
by Daz0la June 21, 2006
any spacious compartment or section within a pipe or other smoking instrument
We can store some weed in the chamber.
by thc September 16, 2004
Slang term for the vagina.
"Man, I rocked that girl's chamber last night."

"She had a crowded chamber, for sure."

"Her chamber was a derelict."

"Her chamber is frequently in council."

"I wouldn't even touch that chamber with your dick."
by timmb23 August 27, 2007
another term of hot box
let's go chamber in his car and get all hash!
by jasssssssss May 25, 2008
A German band whose star is on the rise. Founded by Marcus 'Max' Testory.
Chamber's new album was released last October.
by Franzi March 05, 2005
a young boy who is obsessed with moms and their daughters, chambers is also known as highly perverted
A young boy named Chambers
by hobo2525 April 14, 2009

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