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The past tense of chainsawmachinegun v. used when chainsawing the fuck out of someone while you or a friend fires multiple rounds into their fat fucking skull from an automatic weapon. Ideally the recipient of the chainsawmachinegunning was a total fucking cuntfag who had it coming since his/her fat, whorish mother squeezed the stupid, stupid dickless fuckface out of her massive and fetid vagina.
Sebastian: Hey look at that guy!
Jim: I should chainsawmachinegun em'! He'd die!
Sebastian: Wow, you sure chainsawmachinegunned him.
Jim: He's dead!
Sebastian: Goddamn...What a fucking tool.
Jim: Right?
Sebastian: Fucking useless, shit stained tool.
Jim: Bitches gotta learn.
Sebastian: Let's get in fights!
by Dankasaur April 25, 2010
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