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A gay douche bag
Bro 1: dude he told on me for smoking, even thou he smokes
Bro 2: what a chaggot.
by chaghater January 23, 2010
A person named Chad who is also gay; Chad + faggot = Chaggot.

Chad: So I went to get a pedicure yesterday -

Me: Huh?

Chad: Yeah, this is like something I do regularly.

Me: Didn't really need to know that you Chaggot.
by dpad March 27, 2008
a chatty maggot.
somebody who is really dirty.
ew, he's such a chaggot.
by steazyf March 02, 2008
A Chinese homosexual.
Evan you are such a chaggot.
by Anonymous? October 22, 2006