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fake or not real. Knock off.
that bling around yo neck is chaffa, you got robbed.

Thats a chaffa Gucci bag biatch!
by T-Bone760 August 02, 2004
15 10
Tex Mex slang for saying that something is crappy.
Say homie, you're ride be lookin' chaffa.
by Isaac Herrera November 30, 2007
8 5
TexMex stupid, dumb. Obviously sarcastic. Cheesy. Usually said as a punctuation, after saying something obvious or silly.
This is song about a super hero named Tony, it's called Tony's theme. Chaffa.

Sometimes combined with other words or sounds, i.e.

chaffa uzzz...


Chaffa laffa!
by floydwilde April 02, 2008
4 2
Ghetto, Stupid, being dumb, usually used by hispanics/mexicans
Girl u look Chaffa
oooo you look chaffa
by Jackie-O January 07, 2006
10 11