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Tex Mex slang for saying that something is crappy.
Say homie, you're ride be lookin' chaffa.
by Isaac Herrera November 30, 2007
fake or not real. Knock off.
that bling around yo neck is chaffa, you got robbed.

Thats a chaffa Gucci bag biatch!
by T-Bone760 August 02, 2004
TexMex stupid, dumb. Obviously sarcastic. Cheesy. Usually said as a punctuation, after saying something obvious or silly.
This is song about a super hero named Tony, it's called Tony's theme. Chaffa.

Sometimes combined with other words or sounds, i.e.

chaffa uzzz...


Chaffa laffa!
by floydwilde April 02, 2008
Ghetto, Stupid, being dumb, usually used by hispanics/mexicans
Girl u look Chaffa
oooo you look chaffa
by Jackie-O January 07, 2006
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