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You can usually find these guys hanging around at frat parties. They usually wear cargo shorts or basketball shorts, a wife beater or polo with a popped collar, and a flat brim hat. You can usually spot them as the one with a beer in his hand or playing beer pong calling everyone bro and yelling about how awesome something is or how much they want a jaegerbomb. Chadbros usually go after the girl wearing the most designer clothes with the biggest sunglasses. The most holes in the jeans may come into play also.
normal guy: "Did you see that chadbro at the party last night?"

other normal guy:"Yea he kept showing me his biceps and calling me bro."
by finley87 October 10, 2008
The preppy/gotti white boys who always use bro to refer to one another. Except it usually sounds more like "bra." And they're usually named Chad.
M: Did you see the guy with the two polo shirts on, one over the other?
E: Yeah, total chad bro.
by BrodyRose August 23, 2007
A douche bag that thinks everyone likes them when even his "friends" don't. Thinks he is better than everyone and can get all the ladies. Needs to go waxing as a daily activity and does steroids every once in a while. Gym Tanning Laundry.
Nick is a huge chad bro.
by ilovechadbros May 28, 2011
a super bro guy.
the quintessence of bro.
complete with the long black socks, black dickies shorts, wife beater, and hat.
ida:"chad-bro chill!"
carys: "what!? i didnt do anything!"
ida: "just chilll!! god, your such a chad-bro.."
by iiiiddddaaaaa December 27, 2007
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