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An adjective used to describe something cool or radical, as in something that is "pimp." Coined by the youtube sensation, Willie James Huff (aka Funky Chicken, aka Abul Rackbar).
(As in its original context) Willie James Huff: Pimp, nasty, funky, ch-pimp, and stanky chicken.

Person 1: Yo, this party is so sick, I love not going to boarding school.
Person 2: Yeah, this scene is ch-pimp.

Person 1: Yo, take this piff, its ch-pimp
Person 2: Yay, it is sooooo ch-pimp
Person 3: Ch-pimp!

butt hash portuguese gas pedal dank alabama hot pocket sick plapper perry nasty bear grylls
by mjyhnbgfjky October 10, 2010
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