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Ceveapi is a Bosnian dish. As well as the different versions of pita Pitta ( with chees, meat spinach etc..)
THe serbs keep saing how they make these foods but if you go over to their hoiuse you will never eat cevapi or pitta because they can not make it (maybe one out of thousends )
The meat for cevapi is usually beef and not pork. They don't come out as good it is made with a lot of onions and served on a freshly made bread. also served with another side dish of onions and vegeta
#cevap #cevapcici #cevap u lepini #bosnia #food
by bossanac April 10, 2007
Serbian minced meat bars, grilled and served in a lepinja (a flat round bun) with fresh chopped onion. Usually ten or five cevapi per serving.
Who didn't eat cevapi, he lives without any purpose, entombed in darkness.
"Daj mi cevape"-"Give me one cevapi."-ten cevapi
"Daj mi deset upola s lukom"-"Give me half-ten-with-onion"-five cevapi serving
(Bosnian variation of Serbian language)
#cevapcici #lepinja #pljeskavica #cevap #somun
by zubatac April 25, 2006
Serbian meat sticks made of pork, turkey, ham, and pepperoni. best served most fried.

;the name for people's fingers who are really fat, and stubby.

;what sluts call short, thick penis's.
Yeah, I saw that midgets cevapi.
Bro your fingers look like cevapi's.
They had some damn good cevapi at that club.
#fat fingers #meat #serbian #penis #dick #slut
by loren tnalp December 02, 2010
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