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an extremely small penis
That dude has a centimeter-peter!
by SheyVonna May 27, 2006
Phrase used to describe a male penis when it is so short or small that it can only be measured in centimeters.
1. Brett Favre's Penis

2. NYJets football player: "Hey Favre, my 5 yr old son's Johnson is bigger than your Centimeter Peter!"
by ROTFLatDeadspinPics October 12, 2010
The word centimeter peter comes from Scotland where a young boy name Peter was jacking off. He realized that his penis was really small so he came up with a nick name for his penis. He wanted it to rhyme with his first name. Hence the name Centimeter Peter.
Brad you have a centimeter peter.
by Bradley Mayhue November 12, 2007
A man with a very small dick.
Started by *******
A hilarious name to call a guy.
Girl 1:Hahaha!!!
Girl 2: Is she okay?!
Girl 3:oh she just almost Slept with Centimeter-Peter
last night.
by GuessWhoo!!! December 21, 2008
Usually used as an unkind insult to a male. Can also be used for a small dick the size of a Centimeter smaller or not much larger.
Person 1- Haha last x-mas party I got to see Person 3's Centimeter-Peter!
Person 2-Really..........that was kinda a harsh insult i'm not much bigger.
Person 1-Oh.......
by Sydsyd June 07, 2013
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