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centch is an abbreviation for central. ex:"OH MY GOD WE'RE MATCHING CENTRAL!" Centch is like "ya know" you can add it to everything and anything to seem cooler. Originated by Patricia S. and Isabella W.
Have you seen human centi centch?
by awkmajcentch September 05, 2010
Centch is a shorten word for "Best of the Century." Centch can be used as an adjective or noun. Centch is often used as a one word sentence. Things have often been added to the end, such as "Centchberger" "Centchy Jetty" "Centchbaby" "Centchtime". Centch can also be short for simply century.
"Dude, your lottery ticket is a winner!" "CENNTTCCHHH!!!"
"Obviously, Boy Meets World was the best show of it's centch."
"What? No! I'm nice. And centch."
"Chinese food is so centch!"
by bennythejet23 June 08, 2013

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