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the most amazing girl you will ever meet.
shes smart.beautiful.sexy.clever.
she is not the spawn of satan.
boys want her.
she gets a lot of boys.
Jacob is madly in love with her.
he worships her.

"Omg who is that girl? Her name must be celsey."

"wow dude i was with a celsey last night, it was the best night in my life."
by C.C.C. April 25, 2009
-a person that sucks slot of penis
-is a spawn of satan
-will fail in life
-also known to be a lesbian
"dude i swear the girl i was with was a celsey"

" hey why dont you pull a celsey?"

jesus fought an army of celseys in the Nile river
by airguiarkid March 01, 2009