This is a term used to insult a person from balkan living in slovenia or some other country.
Slovene guy: Fuckin cefur
Serbian guy: mamu ti jebem
by Binsr February 12, 2008
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N: People that originate from the southern regions of the world, god help them, mostly from Balkan, but imigrate to richer, and friendlier countries, slowly eating their economics, stealing jobs from people who actually need them, threathen the society, rape, murder, steal, and eventually kill every city they visit by reproducing like vermin, and building countless food shops which sell 20 day old meat.

They usually have no sense in fashion, at all, smell really bad and listen to their, unbelivably irritating music really loudly...

They all look the same, with their silly hair-doo, and are obsessed with driving 30 year old motor cycles, or scooters...

Did I mention they suck?
Me: I just got mugged by a Cefur..

Piggy: Really? One of them raped my girlfriend yesterday.

Me: Let's vote for Jelincic.
by Betsy and her pet Piggy April 02, 2007

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