another word for a honda CBR sportbike.
made by saying the leter denomination as a single word.

can be used sarcastically by a CBR owner to make fun of suzuki owners for saying gixxxer instead of GSX-R.
person1: what kind of bike do u have?
person2: a jixxer.
person1: oh..
person2: ..yeah, what do u have?
person1: ...a ceeber. |:
by QUAYO May 07, 2011
Top Definition
someone who cant be bothered to do anything.

derrived from ceeb (cant be arsed - CBA - ceeb)
Man 1 : I really dont want to pick my child up from nursery, she can walk.

Man 2 : Gah! you're such a ceeber

Man 1 : i know, i might go once ive rolled my juicy foot long spliff.

Man 2 : dude, you're such a ceebing ceeber
by Dave-Shiddew June 25, 2009
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