Cebs means that someone can't be bothered doing something. It is an abbreviation of ceebs, which is an abbreviation of C-B-F (which means Can't be fucked).
George: DAMMIT I left my jellybean on the roof!
Philip: Did you assemble the antenna?George: Cebs.
by Slicksville April 14, 2009
Top Definition
Shortened version of ceebs, which is a shortened version of CBF, which is a shortened version of Can't Be Fucked, which is a shortened version of "I cannot be bothered one bit".

One ceebs ceebing, so one cebs.
Steve - Hey bra.
Harry - Sup yall.
Steve - Not much. Cebs.
Harry - Cebs life?
Steve - No. Cebs you.
Harry - Oh.
by Travis the Chimp April 13, 2009
Chief Executive Bitch
Girl: come at me, bitch!

girl #2: back up whore! IM THE C.E.B. UP IN THIS BITCH!
by jacksumbadges January 13, 2011
Much like the ubiquitous 'f' word, ceb can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb etc.
1)Hey man, wanna ceb it?
2)Man that s*** was cebbed yo.
by Zeke Swedenborg December 06, 2003
Conniving Evil Bitch:

A person who is constantly plotting or scheming against you.

A person who repeatedly attempts (and succeeds) to humiliate you in front of your peers.
That CEB in my 4th hour told me we were all going to do a dance at the end of our performance of Don't Stop Believing, but she ONLY told me. Resulting in me looking like an idiot.
by Beepi July 25, 2010
A dare that if completed must be repeated by the person setting the dare. "I will if you will"
cebs you to eat that
by Beedge11444 February 17, 2008
Stands for cock-eyed b*tch.
Man 1: Did you see Tiffany, man? Damn!

Man 2: Yo, she's a genuine CEB. Ain't no surgery or slapping upside the head gonna fix that.

Man 1: Word.
by LPooo November 27, 2007
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