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Cebs means that someone can't be bothered doing something. It is an abbreviation of ceebs, which is an abbreviation of C-B-F (which means Can't be fucked).
George: DAMMIT I left my jellybean on the roof!
Philip: Did you assemble the antenna?George: Cebs.
by Slicksville April 14, 2009
Shortened version of ceebs, which is a shortened version of CBF, which is a shortened version of Can't Be Fucked, which is a shortened version of "I cannot be bothered one bit".

One ceebs ceebing, so one cebs.
Steve - Hey bra.
Harry - Sup yall.
Steve - Not much. Cebs.
Harry - Cebs life?
Steve - No. Cebs you.
Harry - Oh.
by Travis the Chimp April 13, 2009
Much like the ubiquitous 'f' word, ceb can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb etc.
1)Hey man, wanna ceb it?
2)Man that s*** was cebbed yo.
by Zeke Swedenborg December 06, 2003
Chief Executive Bitch
Girl: come at me, bitch!

girl #2: back up whore! IM THE C.E.B. UP IN THIS BITCH!
by jacksumbadges January 13, 2011
Conniving Evil Bitch:

A person who is constantly plotting or scheming against you.

A person who repeatedly attempts (and succeeds) to humiliate you in front of your peers.
That CEB in my 4th hour told me we were all going to do a dance at the end of our performance of Don't Stop Believing, but she ONLY told me. Resulting in me looking like an idiot.
by Beepi July 25, 2010
A dare that if completed must be repeated by the person setting the dare. "I will if you will"
cebs you to eat that
by Beedge11444 February 17, 2008
C lassic
E vil
B itch
S yndrome
("cebs" is a condition where a woman is simply just mean in a way only a woman can be.)
"Yeah, Jake's girlfriend had a bad case of cebs."
by tinktimc July 21, 2008