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An ingenius encapsulation of the words awesome and cool into one ultrasmooth and easy to swallow package.
Ryan: dude, did you see the tits on that high dollar hooker?
Chris: yeah man, they were cawesome!
by ruthless November 05, 2004
A take on the oft used chillaxin, cawesome takes the words cool and awesome to new, exiting levels they've never visited. The supercool can pronounce the starting (caw) as a crow(as in caaaaawwww. One would need to actually sound like a bird cawwing to do this), to emphizie cawesomeness.
Tim: The Casino Royale has $1 Margarita's & Michelobs!

Steve: Cawesome.
Kim: Cawesome.
Tim: Caaaawwww-some.

Bystander: You asshat.
by timmy tee July 30, 2004
A word meaning both cool and awesome, created by Elias Toufexis
"Thanks everyone. You're all cool and awesome... Cawesome!"
by Lodayphos June 08, 2012