The act of arse to mouth during sexual activities.
A-"I was giving it to her from behind and then she went low on me."
B-"That's sick man, just gave her the caviar."
by archtung August 10, 2008
goldish slightly brownish substance that builds up on the inside of a pipe/stem after smoking acrack rock, tends to be powdery & slate like when scraped from the pipe/stem. Thic substance is a type of resin derived from a smoked crack rock & is resmoked. Caviar of this color & consistancy is said to be purer than the smoked crack rock it was formed from.
once I ran out of crack I scraped my pipe/stem & smoked the caviarwhich was sooo... Good that I got 4+ batches of resin & smoked caviar for a longer time than the original rock & ea. hit got me higher than the rock did.
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